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About us

Everything you need to know about P.H.C.I

About us( Preventive healthcare india )


Good quality healthcare services are one of the most important requirements in India. However, there has been a complete lack of focus on preventive health care in India. Considering the need to provide quality health care across the nation PHCI has come with an aim to make healthcare accessible and more affordable to the general population of India. PHCI strives to serve the Indian population with tailor made health care services, which can be utilized by the young, adults, working professionals and the elderly.

PHCI is a one of the good preventive healthcare service provider having its headquartered at New Delhi India. PHCI provides healthcare product & related services,on very subsidized rates to everyone.

PHCI was formed with the mission of making high quality healthcare services more affordable in India It works on a multi-pronged approach of wellness, preventive health and everyday health. It monitors your wellness score and helps you improve it with its high-tech wellness programs which include health risk assessments, screening, nutrition counselling, stress counselling, and more.